Potent potshots at a potpourri of series

December 15, 2015



Lawrance Bernabo
Zenith News

Code Black (CBS). Two reasons this is a better show than Grey’s Anatomy: First, Marsha Gay Harden’s Dr. Leanne Rorish is a full-fledged adult, which is refreshing. Second, the nursing staff are full-fledged characters like we used to see on E.R. and St. Elsewhere. Also, Luis Guzmán’s “Mother” singing the opening of The Lion King to Dr. Rorish was one of the most surprising and joyous moments of the season.

The Good Wife (CBS). We eagerly watch this each week to spot former local actress Jen Bergum as Margo Martindale’s assistant. The only reason it has not become our favorite drinking game is that we do not drink booze.
Our favorite moment so far was when Peter Florrick blew by her desk and slammed a door, and Jen flipped the page of her book to make it look like slamming the door did it. She never gets to speak, but she gets to pretend she is talking on the phone and we get to make up the stuff we think she is talking about. Plus, we think her character’s name might be “Gina.” Stay tuned, Duluth.

Gotham (Fox). My favorite of the current superhero shows (Agent Carter is a close second) because I like the journey of Ben McKenzie’s James Gordon through the ranks of the Gotham City Policy Department even more than the scene-stealing Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot becoming the best Penguin ever. However, I find it impossible to believe that whiny little Bruce Wayne is going to grow up to become the grim, brooding Dark Knight. Your parents were shot in front of you, kid. Go sulk for six years and then bulk up to become the high functioning sociopath you are meant to be. Sheesh.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC). Everybody at Seattle Grace Mercy Death Hospital is way too emotional to be a surgeon. Seriously.

The Last Man on Earth (Fox). The only situation comedy I am currently watching, in part because I find Will Forte’s performance charming. More importantly, the “situation” keeps changing. They come up with a post-apocalyptic scenario that could be milked for a couple months or half a season, and this show burns through it in two episodes max. How long can they keep this up?

Madam Secretary (CBS). With a female Secretary of State smarter than the president, this has to be Hillary Clinton’s favorite series, but it is probably at the bottom of Vladimir Putin’s watch list (I am sure he prefers The Americans). I get the feeling the decision to focus on the new Cold War is an attempt to distance the characters from the real world, where the War on Terror is on the front burner. You simply cannot have a television politician fixing problems that exist in the real world, especially during an election cycle when it would make the candidates look bad (not that they need help). I wonder how many people write-in Jed Bartlet for president.

The Walking Dead (AMC). I read the comic books, but things got so bad in issue #100 that I had to take a break. To date, things have never gotten that bad in the television version, although toying with the audience in the first half of this season regarding Glen’s fate was not especially nice. However, I think this has all just been a prelude to the abject horrors they will unleash in the season finale next spring. Remember. I warned you.

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