The tale of the fly and the invisible barrier

December 6, 2016

 The other day, I saw a fly in my house trying to get out through a glass window. The fly kept bumping into the glass over and over, seemingly unable to find a way out. The glass had become an invisible barrier imprisoning the fly. In an attempt to assist, I opened the window to let the poor fly out.


Surprisingly, the fly did not recognize the new opening as a path to freedom. It just continued its old ways of banging against the unseen obstruction. Finally, with some gentle nudging from me, it found the exit and ventured out into the world. Whew!

How often do we find ourselves in a similar predicament? We cannot seem to find our way out even though an alternative path may be right in front of us. We seem to lose the insight needed to come up with creative alternatives. So often we have fixed concepts about how things should be or have always been.

It’s like we are locked into only one perspective. And that perspective is usually our own stubborn point of view. In our minds, our opinions become the truth as if they were facts. Then we conclude that since our opinions are true for us, they must be true for everyone. So, of course, if anyone disagrees with us—with our truth—that person must be wrong. And we all know that people who are wrong should be punished, right? Watch out! This is how fanaticism, intolerance, and bigotry start.

Take, for example, religion. Your perception of the Creator is probably based on images and concepts that were handed down to you as a child. In other words, your ideas about God are most likely the result of religious programing and cognitive conditioning. You may think of yourself as a free spirit who thinks independently, but you were probably taught to not question the concept of God—lest you be deemed wrong and subject to punishment.

So, here you are still walking around with preconceived ideas about the Giver of Life that limit your ability to see a broader spiritual perspective. Take a moment to do some personal reflection. What sort of limiting concepts do you have about God? Do you think of this deity as male? Why? Is your male concept of God based on ancient teachings and scriptures? Who wrote those scriptures? Doesn’t it make sense that whoever wrote (and rewrote) them would have a gender bias in their own favor?

So how does all of this affect how you think of men and women today? In your opinion, what role should men play in our society? What about women? Are those roles different? Why is that? Where did you get those concepts? Are they limiting beliefs? Are those beliefs holding you back from progressing to a higher spiritual plane?

Just as the fly on the window needed some gentle nudging to escape the invisible barrier, you, too, may need to seek an open-minded spiritual sage who can give you a little nudge of encouragement to break free from those unseen (and often unspoken) barriers.

How do you know who is a compatible spiritual mentor for you? Your spirit will tell you. Let your inner wisdom guide you. Learn to listen to that soft voice inside you. In time, the voice will grow stronger and clearer.

Today’s Loving Suggestions: Find a place in nature where you can have some privacy. Any natural setting will do—the beach, woods, city park, stream, or even your backyard. Once you have found a quiet place that is free from interruptions, stand up tall and extend your right arm with your index and ring fingers pointed out like a dagger.

Imagine a blue beam of light shooting from your two fingers pointed towards the ground a few feet in front of you. Turning clockwise, draw an imaginary circle around yourself with this blue laser beam. Within this protected circle, sit down and let your mind have a conversation with the Source of all life. You will be surprised how this experience broadens your mind.

P.S. Don’t forget to take down the circle when you are finished by turning counterclockwise before leaving the space. If you are willing to share, I would be thrilled if you sent me an email telling of your experiences.

If you have followed any of the suggestions in the Sir Rennity feature, I would love to hear your stories. Please email me at I will keep your letters private unless you request that they be published.

The Sir Rennity feature is intended to provide gentle guidance for your life. These articles hold no intrinsic meaning. You give meaning to them based on the value you place on them, so the words here are meaningless unless you put them into practice.

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