December 6, 2016



A Ray of Sun Come Undone

Some of my happiest moments I can’t remember
All my mind can conjure is a sky with a burning ember
Hazed across a feeling of bliss
From a time, an age I always miss
So deeply sewn through the nature of my being
Hardly can my eyes rest upon this thread, must be fleeting
Yet so profoundly do I feel this gravity
Of an almost empty memory, pouring like silk into my identity
A soft reminder how beautiful this world may be
Through all eternity you are a part of me.




Up and vanished like a puff of voodoo smoke
With my saxophone, my midnight cloak
I got all the necessary tools, paid my dues
Going to hit the street and play the blues
Scraped knees won’t you help me please
You see, I got this disease
My family don’t know, but her name’s addiction
Just for her sweet touch I play with great conviction
The way only that last sad soul can play
Forgotten on the battlefield far, far away
Help bring a stranded soldier home
He’s out there dying all alone
So spare some change to fill my fix
Of that sweet devil’s mix
This levee is about to break
So deep her touch I quake
Yeah, I’ve been down with the damned
For so long I’ve been choked and slammed
Dirty water flowing through the gutter
All backed up from this rotten clutter
Soon I’ll make the sea
But not before these demons get the best of me


The Violet Violin

Born to me from eternal light
A baby girl who had all but the gift of sight
Grow she would into a world of her own
What images of life were hers alone
In a sense she very well could see
With a gentle touch most heavenly
She’d run her fingers at length down my face
Most articulately forming an image from her trace
You could almost see her vision when she was done
From where her tiny fingers had run
Delicately across my skin like the running of a feather
How every last piece came together
She’d gasp with great amazement
A gift truly from heaven sent
As well as she could feel she could hear
A distant whisper crisp and clear
By age eight she developed quite the affinity
For the soothing strings mastered within the symphony
All were but a dream yet without a trace of doubt
There was one that stood so profoundly out
It was above all else the violin
It was to this her heart fell maudlin
So to the market we went to peer
When here I recognize a most crushing fear
Even the most modest I could not afford
Yet after great trial she found one she adored
Her fingers ran the violin’s wooden length
Exploring, testing its give and strength
Like a ghost upon my face
I knew this violin had found its place
She let out a familiar gasp
For the one she held firmly within her clasp
The violin her touch so intimately met
Was of a light violet
The owner said what a precious find
Certainly the only of its kind
We must part empty so regretfully
For the price is a year’s salary
Never more has my heart sunk so low
Than to have to tell my sweet daughter no
Every day to the symphonies she would play along
As if with that violet violin she had written every song
In the deepest darkest mines I slaved away
Saving every cent ’til for her violet violin I could pay
After two grueling years of sacrifice
I finally met the shopkeeper’s price
Finally I placed the box on her lap
Her fingers strolling along the wrap
Until they found the neatly tied bow
Our faces all began to glow
As she unlatched the wooden case
Trickling tears came quietly down her face
Her fingers ran slowly down the violet violin
Slowly she rose, excitement sparking across her skin
By the neck they held one another
As if kin, child and mother nourishing love together
At last one another they have found
With heightened sense of sound
Each note eloquently unfurled
For at last she had eyes to set on the world

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