December 9, 2018

To something


I hope

That after all

Is said and

Dead and gone

Our echo will


That whatever

Ears it may

Fall upon

We were

So much more

Than just “I”

That we asked

Who, What, When, Where, Why

That they realize

We left no stone


In our

Quest for answers

I don’t know

If we will ever

Reach a universal truth

Or if there

Even is one

Thriving in this

Endless pool of galaxies

There is something

Was or will be

I hope it comes to know us

And all we dreamed of

As minute as

This all may be In a grand scheme

Of things I hope we meant

Something to someone



To a Fool


Any man

Who could look upon

Your face

And fail

To give you their

Fullest Is a fool.


That is what went


Your beauty was

Too much.

They knew

They could never

Be enough,

So the legions fell

As all empires must,

For the gods demand a knee

As well

As your beauty.



The Heat of the Flame


You want to know why I am so capable

Of doing better?

How I accomplish

The difficult tasks at hand?

Why I stand in the face of reason

And say it is your turn

To collapse?

It is so simple.

My bones broken,

My fingers frail.

Bleeding From hitting the bottom

Of our barrel

And scraping my way

Through the splinters.

One extreme creates

More possibility for another.

Lord knows I am tired of

Yielding, falling!

Sooner or later

You know it is time


To tie a knot

To hang yourself—

Or climb.


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