November 24, 2015



Why should I believe in god?
I seem to remember a long time ago
A capacity was created to believe in
Mr. Clause
A tooth fairy
An Easter bunny
A boogeyman
And, of course, God.
And that awful boogeyman
Have been deflated.
I ask you,
What hope is there for that last balloon?



Minimum Ripple

Please do not mourn my absence.
I have simply closed my eyes,
Drifting away in an infinite empty sea.
I do not know that I am gone;
I do not know that I ever was.
Perhaps I will visit again;
Perhaps I was never there.
All one can say for sure
Eyes have closed
Breath has passed.
If there were a way,
I would have let you know
All that remains
Are your memories.
So forget me,
That ripple in the passing sea.




el fin del mundo, el principo de todo
end of the world, beginning of everything

Turn my back
Find myself lost
Ignoring even reason
Hunger fed at all cost

Beckon my heart
On steep ends
Push my mind over
Never to return again

Accept all in an exhale
For what remains
To the Arhat
When free from stain

Bow my head
In literal eternity
Ask for nothing
Last stitch of serenity

This is a prayer poem. It’s meant to be read in any order—forwards, backwards, just the first lines, etc. Every line is interchangeable and meant to bring a
new view or angle to the poem, like a Rubik’s cube.



Free Will

No man or god
With beard
Or shaved head
Wears a turban
Alive or dead
Will dictate
My existence.
I’ll leave that
To the delicate
Of what lies ahead.

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