Requiem for the death of the American dream

November 19, 2018

 Tom and Jennifer are taking a break. Keeping up with the Trump presidency is exhausting, which you would know if you followed all the Trump news yourself, which, admit it, you don’t, because it’s exhausting—that’s what we said! Please enjoy this guest column by Ray Allard.



Like a pimply-faced 10-year old, Donald Trump picked the scab off our American wound. Pretending to recreate some version of a nostalgic inaccurate fantasy of America, which he has promised to restore, he has stripped bare (sorry!) our racist entrails.


It’s too bad. We on the left labored under the delusion that this country—our country—was still reasonable and broadly proceeding forward. The left simply ignored the fetid stench of social rot. White men, incensed by eight years of being presided over by a black man, made their voices heard. (Personally, I think the scales really tipped for these guys with the legalization of gay marriage.)


Now we have a petulant egotist with his finger on the button and no regard for proper behavior—which is saying a lot in a culture where farts are accepted comedy.


Supported by his Dominionist billionaire wrecking crew, Trump is deliberately dismantling the Constitution. Most recently, he declared that, with a stroke of his pen, he could single-handedly put an end to birthright citizenship—commonly understood to be conferred by the Fourteenth Amendment. Trump has been claiming for months that the constitution allows him, if convicted, to pardon himself. And we just might let him do these things!


With the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, we now have a Supreme Court justice devoted to rolling back legalized abortion. Trump wants us to believe this “mean drunk” is a Christian, when Kavanaugh’s behavior suggests he has no idea what that means. But he really likes beer, and well, hell! I like beer too!


Take a look at how far our government has turned sour. Pay attention. There will be telltale signs. Outrageous arrests on the flimsiest excuses. Black men gunned down by police who are never held accountable. Watch to see if a real opponent—not some residue monkey from the Clinton dynasty—arises to confront the now entrenched regime. It’s not unlikely that assassination (excuse me, “accidental death”) may become a part of our political scene. Death squads and disappearances have long been a part of international politics. Our leader loves the idea of military parades in his honor, like those performed in Eastern Bloc countries. Trump dreams of ascension to the throne, where his fans believe their god wants him to be.


It may be too late to throw the sumbitch out. The tentacles of his gangster coterie are already so embedded in our government that it will take generations to undo the social destruction. In Trump’s rush to eliminate the Obama legacy, he has raced at blinding speed to his immoral, unconstitutional, and evil transition to power. It’s his conspiratorial hatred of being ruled by a black man, and it’s taken all of us by surprise.


It shouldn’t really be a surprise. He has done exactly what he said he’d do. You may have been of the opinion (or the delusion) that the checks and balances built into our political system would impede his Boer trek to Mount Olympus. How could you believe that, when both houses and now the Supreme Court, are right in goose-step behind him? If he wants to declare Negroes illegal, or crown himself king, who’s going to stop him?


The left occupies the moral high ground with Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, but what will it matter when the jackboot comes down? Are you with Trump’s legion of white supremacists, or with the rest of us?


The “loyal opposition” betrayed us. Clinton was forced down our throats, when there was at least one other, better choice. This usurpation of people power solidified the defeat of sensibility, justice, and perhaps freedom.


You might have realized, if you talked to people outside your circle, that a large portion of the country hated Hillary Clinton, for whatever reason, and being compelled to vote for her didn’t wash.


Granted, Trump is the absolute worst example anyone could dredge up from the swamp. It became a choice between two evils, neither of which really represented us. People stayed home in droves, and 25 percent of the country voted for the Groper-in-Chief.


The Union is partitioning under all this dog shit. Our nation has never been in more serious trouble, not since the colonies voted for English (as opposed to German) to be our national language.


A friend of mine, normally of a better mind, says he voted for Trump to remove all the regulations getting in the way of the business bottom line. He wants to revive the poisonous coal industry. He has called for easing radiation restrictions.


At the same time, UN scientists tell us the world is in dire danger, with as little two decades left for climate crisis strikes. So the Orange Menace handcuffed the EPA and assigned it to an idiot of extravagant tastes, because it, too, was interfering with the bottom line.


There’s only one real solution left to us, and it may not be there much longer: Vote.

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