October 26, 2016



There is something I crave
Like long heavy drag
To hear my name
Longingly whispered
There is something I need
More than sweet honey mead
A day’s easy deed
Of hearing my name
Longingly whispered
Please give me my bread
When I lay my weary head
Upon the pillow of my bed
Longingly whisper my name
A beautiful drug for my vein



Grains of Stars

We spent our evenings
On city-lit beaches,
Sharing dry wine,
Burying our dreams
In the warm, loose sand
Even though nothing grows
On a beach.
I threw my life into her
With reckless abandon.
We spent the night
Staring at stars,
Wondering which one was ours.
Every one we pointed at
Seemed to laugh back
As if to say they were spoken for.
We settled on one
That fell from the sky
Like a tear upon a child’s cheek.
“What do you suppose that means?”
She asked.
I answered with a lingering kiss,
Sure that we had found our star.



7 lines

The thrush of a hummingbird
Keat’s written word
For the first time Shakespeare being heard
Full as flowers in summer
The pouring of rhyme
Like bloom of infinite time
Growing forever verdant like vine




There is no worse sting
Than that of a woman.
Not even the bee
Reaches her potency.
They say upwards
Of 300 stings to kill a man,
But with women
It only takes one.




Up and vanished like a puff of voodoo smoke
With my saxophone my midnight cloak
I got all the necessary tools payed my dues
Going to hit the street and play the blues
Scraped knees won’t you help me please
You see I got this disease
My family don’t know but her name’s addiction
Just for her sweet touch I play with great conviction
The way only that last sad soul can play
Forgotten on the battlefield far far away
Help bring a stranded soldier home
He’s out there slowly dying all alone
So spare some change to fill my fix
Of that sweet devil’s mix
This levee is about to break
So deep her touch I quake
Yeah I’ve been down with the damned
For so long I’ve been choked and slammed
Dirty water flowing through the gutter
All backed up from this rotten clutter
Soon I’ll make the sea
But not before these demons get the best of me


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