August 11, 2015

Just a Little Hope

Our generation’s
Greatest invention
Won’t fit in your hand.
It will be intervention
From all that we do.




There are no secrets anymore.
People pour every hidden truth
Into anything with a chip.
It’s quite the trick
To get us to put down our guard.
What happens when we
Become so dependent
That we lose who we are?



Buy me

Buy me
I’ll fix all your problems
Buy me
I’ll make you feel better
Buy me
It’ll be good for the economy
Buy me
Your neighbors have one
Buy me
It’s your duty
Buy me
You’re missing out
Buy me
I’m on sale
Buy me
Or I’ll throw a tantrum
Buy me
You’ll look younger
Buy me
Not because I’ll break, forcing you to buy another
Buy me
Because you want me



Then You Grow

First you are born, a special miracle
You are compared against no other
Then you grow
Your parents give you a brother or a sister
To whom you will be compared your entire life
Then you grow
And then come friends and classmates
To whom you will compare yourself your entire life
Then you grow
And then come graduation and coworkers
To whom you will compare and be compared your entire life
Then you grow
And then come a wife and kids
To whom you and they will compare you against the entire world
And then you grow old
And when you retire, lying upon your death bed
Reflecting back upon the years of your life
You will not only have spent it constantly compared to someone else
You will now compare yourself against any human who has ever walked the face of this earth
Then you die and are despised
It is certainly tough for man to stand


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