What to binge-watch in the summertime

August 2, 2016


Lawrance Bernabo
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Apparently, I have to wait until December for the second season of Sense8 on Netflix, so it is too early to binge-watch Season One again. Instead, I did Season Four of Orange is the New Black, which has found new ways to make prison look depressing. This is one of the few series to integrate flashbacks, where we find out how everybody ended up there, on a level close to what we saw with Lost (ABC).

Most of my binge-watching this summer has been shows I have seen before. I have been reworking my way through Gilmore Girls (CW), in part because I wanted a refresher before Netflix airs Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life later this year.

Of course, I am going to like a show where the characters talk as fast as I do. That is one of the reasons The Thing From Another World is my favorite black-and-white 1950s science fiction movie, and why I enjoyed the first couple seasons of Moonlighting (ABC).

It will take a while to wrap my mind around the idea that Rory is now as old as Lorelai was at the start of the original series, but that has to mean something significant, right? I still find the seventh and final season to be bitterly disappointing. Since they took four full seasons to get Lorelai and Luke together, having them break up not once but twice was extremely unfortunate. After watching Seasons Five and Six again, I have come to the conclusion that Rory quitting Yale was the “shark jumping” moment.

When Lorelai married Christopher, it added insult to injury. How does Christopher get Lorelai to marry him? He uses his money to fly her to Paris, where he has the staff of a restaurant get up in the middle of the night to cook her a fancy dinner. This is a woman who runs an inn and would never let some rich jerk wake up Sookie and Michel to make a stupid meal in the middle of the night. But Christopher gets to use his father’s money to do this to a bunch of strangers in France?

Lorelai also demanded an appropriately romantic proposal from Max way back in Season One and was overwhelmed by a thousand daisies. I am a big believer in grand romantic gestures and what Christopher pulled out of his wallet was not grand or romantic. Staying up all night to sew together a canopy from tents and raincoats, so Stars Hollow could give Rory a going away party—that would be my idea of a grand romantic gesture.

I binge-watched the first season of Rome (HBO) again, to put off jumping immediately into Season Six of Gilmore Girls, and then the final season of Downton Abbey for the same reason.

Rome is the show I have binge-watched most. I love the way the writers have not only woven in the fictional exploits of Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pollo, but also made the escalating catfight between Atia of the Uulii and Servilla of the Junii a pivotal machination in the “Game of Rome” played by Caesar, Pompey, Antony, Brutus, and Octavian. Plus, the two seasons add up to only 22 episodes, so binge-watching it is fairly easy.


Emmy Prediction: Willing to double-down on Game of Thrones winning Outstanding Drama Series again on the basis of those last two episodes (“Battle of the Bastards” appears to be the one they submitted for the nomination), especially since the final shot was exactly where I wanted the season to end, with Daenerys Targaryen and her armies on ships (Khaleesi is coming to Westeros!). Bonus points for the scene in which the Mother of Dragons names Tyrion Lannister Hand of the Queen (Awww).  

Also, while we now know who Jon Snow’s mother is, I think the assumptions about his father are incorrect for the simple reason that he is not blonde. (Think about it.)

The Americans finally got nominated for Outstanding Drama Series and lost the cachet of being the best drama never nominated for the award. If it did not happen after this last season, it was never going to.

Random Thoughts:  I got more interested in Outlander once they stopped running around in Paris and got back to Scotland. I have to roll my eyes every time Claire worries that her 18th century husband, Jamie, will kill Jack Randall before he reproduces, which means her 20th century husband, Frank, will never be born, but she never worries that trying to put the Stuarts back on the English throne will change history and result in millions of people no longer being born.

The pilot episode of The Night Of (HBO) looks promising, although I would still give the nod to the new season of Murder in the First (TNT) for best summer series.

An Episode I Would Like to See: On a special episode of Bones, Temperance Brennan dreams her team is working at the Jeffersonian Institute in 1963 when Kennedy is assassinated. As the foremost forensic anthropologist in the history of the planet, Dr. Brennan insists on doing the autopsy. True to her nickname, she reduces JFK’s body to a skeleton and comes to the conclusion he was shot. Not only shot, but it is murder!

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