August 3, 2016



Her embrace was like an oversized warm sweater
On a cool afternoon, or a thin white t-shirt on a warm sunny day.
Just right for any moment. When those overcast days came, bearing drizzle or rain,
She would squeeze a little tighter, placing her teary cheek to mine.
When her soul was open for a careless warm breeze,
It felt as if her arms were being held out a car window,
Doing 65 on a Sunday summer drive, the air passing through her fingers
With each gentle pass across my skin.
I still feel the ghost of her, tracing her dreams across my chest.
As much as Joseph William Turner
Must have valued his canvas,
She once valued my skin.




If I could keep your heart in a jar,
I would feed it every day
With kind words, sweet songs, and gentle goodnight lullabies.
If I could keep your heart in a jar,
It would be crafted of the utmost elegance.
I would polish its surface daily
To keep it clean and free from dust and debris.
If I could keep your heart in a jar,
I would open it to the world
With such subtle grace
To witness its divine glory bloom as if a flower.
If I could keep your heart in a jar,
I would hold it with the softest hands,
Like a nest of warm, safe baby birds.
If I could keep your heart in a jar,
I would remove its lid and place mine next to yours.
If I could place our hearts in that jar,
When the time came, I would cast them
Into an ocean to drift on the endless drift,
Together a beautiful message for eternity.



For Carolyn

I have had a little forbidden
A lot of sweet and sensual
Some strange, more deranged
Once, ah, maybe twice, payed and arranged.
Yet never have I ever
Squeezed so soft a lullaby
From your dripping thigh
Oh my, oh my
Fair Carolyn.



My Fill

There is something
Intimate between
Predator and prey,
Something primal
And understood.
So imagine me the predator
And you the prey.
It’s why my eyes lock and stay.
It’s why they never veer nor stray.
My teeth will meet
The back of your neck
With gentle dominance
And you will know my name.
As I make my mark and mount,
You will feel my name as lord
And buckle.
There is something primal
When our eyes meet.
There is something primal,
Cowering at my feet.
I will eat!

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