July 26, 2017



If tomorrow can no longer
Fall from my mouth,
Then I will bid you adieu,
Off in search of what seems to be secret.
Should I fail in my mission
It was nice knowing all of you.



A Seed Planted

What have you been doing
With your consciousness?
Your finite stream of thought?
Are you a better hurricane
With violent winds
All with mighty wrath?
Or are you but a gentle rain
All within thy path?
What of life has thy spirit sought?
What growth will come from your



It’s Only a Matter of Time

I want to rest my eyes
Upon all the coasts
Of all the oceans
In all their fabled glory
The Red Dead Java Caspian
The Behring Baltic Black and Mediterranean
The Arabian Indian Pacific Caribbean
                                           To gaze upon the lines
                                                                      Where water

caresses the sky                                                                                                         To throw my wish  in
Then retire
                          Beside the ocean



You Drunk

You step light
Yet you’re
Clumsy falling
Here and there
I hope you find
Fix or repair



She was an ash throat mistress
Kissing her was like
Sucking on the bottom half
Of a freshly rolled cigarette
She often ended her replies
With eyes looking back
Followed by a short clever French phrase
Jamais jouer pour de bon!
And a cute half smile
Slightly biting her tongue
Never play for keeps she’d always say
Although she dealt in forever
She would leave for weeks at a time
But she would always come home
I know it was home because
She called it that in a tired relieved voice
The apartment was always a mess
It was her mess
Her dishes in the sink
Her hair clogging the drain
Her dirty clothes on the floor
Her cat’s shit in the overfilled litter box
She’d sit next to me half-dressed and ask
Are my toes too big?
Maybe that was the reason
She always came back
Her toes were too big
Sitting here listening to her chirp
I wonder who else
Will think of her





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