July 22, 2015



I am sadly convinced
That if there were magic in this world
It would be sold in pill form
Hell, they make more than Disney
Even opiates feel better to a child
Orlando is all imaginary, built to fool the senses
Pills are palpable; they’re real
Or at least alter what is,
And I guess that’s what passes for magic
These days



Politics of Life

Here I sit with the chemical imbalances in my brain.
I have no way to say whose to blame
For every little misfire collapse of conscience
Maybe drugs, life, love or religion turned my neurons manic
Maybe it’s as simple as TV waged war on my mind,
Fought tooth and nail for the right
To put up obscene structures, billboard distractions
Strung along like telephone poles every 15 minutes
Or so of my ever-expanding stream of reality.
No wonder I can’t get my thought process straight.
My mind is under constant assault,
Telling me how to think how to act and feel,
What to buy, a barrage of bullshit
How to live that I’m missing out and how to fit back in.
Just give us your credit card! Call the number on the screen! NOW!
Re-arrange that distorted nerve synapse brain
With pills and reasonably priced store bought goods.
The brands that make me happy
Great comfort in that 15 minute pulse many re-assurances
That my addled brain can be fixed for only three easy payments of $9.99
Plus shipping and handling, of course.
Maybe I should just give in, admit my life is a waste
And commit myself to a strict regiment
Of reality TV, quick fix pill remedies,
Diet Coca-Cola, Prozac,
Xanax to take the edge off, Seroquel to help me sleep
Cough syrup for balance and whiskey for composure.
Oh, and car insurance—certainly will need that for my new life—
And a cheap online degree for self-esteem.
Also, I will need a good pair of brown khakis
To hide all the vomit stains.
Or maybe I should put a bullet in that fucking talking box
And get off my ass and go outside,
Put my brain on the breathing nerve of dirt and earth.


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