July 20, 2018



I want to hold
The quiet frail
Of your body
To collect your gaze
Like so many
Copper pennies
Fill that jar
Until the glass gives
And my mind buckles
In celestial explosion
You and you alone
Possess the power
To destroy all that I am
To reduce it beyond
Absolute zero
To have it fall
Inward upon itself
When all that is you
Fell upon all that was me
I could comprehend
How a black hole
Is created



Just a thought

People wonder why
When we pass
The ghosts of loved ones
Don’t come looking for us
To reassure us that everything is fine
They don’t know they are dead
In fact, they are more alive than ever
And we are there with them
In their happiest memories
Hence no need to come looking
Because we have always been there
The only separation is the one we feel
But we are already there
It will only take a small lifetime
To realize this
What is 100 years out of 13.7 billion?
Far less than a breath
We are but a trillionth of
God’s opening eye
And once it’s fully open and begins to close
And the universe has collapsed
It will open once more to new life
An infinite number of times





Beauty is your hands across my back after a hard day’s labor
Beauty is your rat’s nest of hair, swimming in the morning sunshine
Beauty is every injured animal you had to help
Beauty is the care you put in cooking every meal
Beauty is when you always let me have the last of the leftovers
Beauty is the way your vowels carry when you say gooodniiight
Beauty is how you accept me and all my many so-called shortcomings
Beauty is the time you left work to bring me soup when I was sick
Beauty is the fact that you hate makeup
Beauty is being comfortable with who you are
Beauty is too pure to be packaged and sold
Beauty is the stretch marks from carrying our child
Beauty is the sacrifices you made to put your family first
Beauty is not in the face or the shape of your body
Beauty is in the intentions of your soul
Beauty is when you reject the masses’ stupid standard
Beauty is when you accept these as truths



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