Now I understand the dispute between Duluth and the casino

July 8, 2014

Dear Zenith City Weekly:


Thank you for the wonderful article on the ongoing dispute between the City of Duluth and Fond-du-Luth Casino [“White people givers,” May 27, 2014].


It was the type of article that I like to read. It was factual, very informative, and laid out the dispute in an orderly and precise way without a lot of excess commentary or judgment. I think I came away from the article with a good grounding of the dispute. Thanks.


I am reading a book by Barbara Tuchman on the American Revolution. I would love to have the same clear straightforward article on this topic. Tuchman continues to dance around the storyline with confusing background and an extreme amount of random, irrelevant information. Thanks for your effort.


I found your paper while visiting my daughter and having coffee at the Dunn Brothers coffee place on London Road.  


Brad Wedge

Albert Lea

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