Who’s most supportive of ex-Councilman’s ex-fiancée?

July 4, 2017

Dear Zenith News:

As a member of Twin Ports Feminist Justice League, I have to clarify just a few things in your article about the Feminist Action Collective [“Pussy Grabs Back,” May 23, 2017]. I wish the article mentioned a sentence on the work of the Twin Ports FJL. Both groups are a united front against sexism, male chauvinism, and privilege and misogyny. The main fact that was missing was the FJL sided 100 percent with former Superior Councilman Graham Garfield’s domestic terror survivor. Whether a Democrat or Republican, an abuser is an abuser. There is not a second thought to political affiliation. But, overall, it’s awesome to have another inclusive group to fight back!

Lucas Alan Dietsche

Editor (Jennifer Martin-Romme) replies: Thanks for your letter, Mr. Dietsche. I agree that it’s nice to see so many local groups working for gender equality! Our story was a profile of the Feminist Action Collective. Many other local groups were not mentioned, which wasn’t intended to diminish their work. We just happened to be profiling one in particular.

The alleged victim in the Garfield case is actually a member of the Feminist Action Collective. So it seems likely that she finds them to be a supportive environment, and it sounds like that’s what we all wish for her.

Mr. Garfield has not been convicted of any crime in connection with the recent allegations. On May 2, the Collective published an open letter, expressing concern for both of them. There’s no contradiction in embracing the presumption of innocence, while also supporting women who experience abuse. Indeed, many forms of intimate partner violence are not criminal offenses at all—belitting the victim, controlling her, isolating her from family and friends, gaslighting, etc.

When asked for comment, the Feminist Action Collective issued the following statement:
The Feminist Action Collective is glad to work alongside groups like the Women's Health Center, PAVSA, Men As Peacemakers, Grandmothers For Peace, Veterans For Peace, and the Feminist Justice League for a safer, more egalitarian, respectful, and inclusive Twin Ports community. We want to see the feminist agenda moving forward. We are less concerned about who gets credit, as long as the work is getting done.

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