June 10, 2015

Useless speech

Sorry if my lines don’t fly
They rarely do
Some get a little air
Then topple awkwardly to the pavement
You shouldn’t take that as I don’t care
Now if I could just speak
What I construct and put to paper
I could fold it, making a little plane
Gently glide it through the air
Landing it upon your palm
Wouldn’t we have something beautiful there?
Most women, at first
Fear a written profession of love
They want to hear it Loud and Clear
But I am a man of few words
And even fewer women



Letting go

Next time we meet
I’m going to take all your
And I am going to color them in
with gentle tension
I will do my best
To hide what I am doing
Speak softly and say hello
And when we are finished
With all the necessary pleasantries
Your flushed face
Will be stained
With squid-like ink.



That place I go

It’s true
I don’t want to lie to you
I hide in my writing
It’s easier that way
This smooth pen feels
Immaculate resting between my fingers
It’s just my opinion
That words should be pondered
Given the pleasure
Of revealing themselves
On nice paper
From a gently flowing pen



Respect the pen

There is no longer
Any room
In woman’s heart
For a poet
Look at what we have
Been reduced to
A shitty website
Where you’re lucky to get
12 views and 2 likes
KINGS used to fear
A poet’s defaming word
Then a poet’s tongue could crumble kingdoms
Now I am lucky if I
Can pry their eyes from the Jersey Shore
Long enough
To hear
“Oh, that was cute.”
I am sorry to say
We live in a world today
Where we reward stupidity
The people our children look up to
Are literally jackasses
And disease spreading whoremongers
If my pen were a .357 magnum
I’d write them all into a shallow grave
Then light them on fire
At least then
We might once again
Fear the poet


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