May 2, 2017


Collapse (A True Story)

Us, now so distant
I sat down
Writing my very last wish of you
A twisted tale of woe
I placed it in
My last beautiful unsent
Like a ritual
I carried it
Setting my wish on fire
The paper too thick to burn
So I carefully cut it
Into tiny little pieces
There lie scattered
The best I could ever wish for
I went inside
Opened a window
In a ray of moonlight
I awaited the sound of a distant train



Licked the Salt

I’ve licked the salt
Of a seedy underbelly
Made grim transactions
In places where the smoke was so thick
You couldn’t see your scars
Saw a man stabbed over a gram
Lost shoes
In every swale across the globe
There will always be a need to dump
Explored the deepest of chambers
Locked within a criminal mind
Heard the dirge of the collapse of the free market
Saw what students of the system
Brought upon this planet
Lies behind gleaming lights
Truth cloaked in tragedy
Felt the plight of the poor, the sick,
The starving, the trafficked
Still hear their exhausted screams
Lingering in calm streets
Money can’t dry these tears
Their ghosts look to me for an answer
But I am no savior




Nightmares of the sky
With whom do you abide?
How you creep so furtively into my sleep
To glut upon my hidden flesh?
The parts of me I can’t digest
Awaken my mind
Frozen here under demons
I attempt to scream
Freeing me from this dream
Yet all I do is shiver
Barely muttering but a whisper
Breathless under my captor’s pressure
My fear no man could measure
So vivid is this image
I believe you are not held in reverie
No! You are free, feasting on the soul’s debris
Even if I dream of doom or daffodil
I lie awake
Afraid you’ll forge my beating heart still





Junk smack blast fast
My mask, my mask
Without you, to find you, to have you
Always a tragic task
A lion’s roar can’t last
So is love a fleeting lullaby

Drink slam erase face
My mask, my mask
Together we are birds of a feather
I tremble, I shake, my hand you take
These tremors will pass
So is loneliness a whimpering cry

Fuck slap choke broke
My mask, my mask
To use, to abuse, to feel something real
The pleasure from pain I deserve
Degrade me, keep me coming for more
So is lust a fucking pigsty

My lovely mask to hide behind
Without your fit I’d commit
So give me my sweet

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