Does your doctor or dentist receive drug company money?

What follows is a list of all Duluth-Superior doctors and dentists who are listed in the CMS database—all 393 of them. The information comes solely from and is transcribed here for easy reference by local patients. This list includes name, medical speciality (broadly speaking), the provider’s practice location or primary hospital affiliation, the total payments each doctor received, and the primary—not necessarily the only—drug or device company from which he or she has received items of value. Dollar amounts represent the combined totals for 2013-15. They are general payments unless specifically noted as research or investments.

The CMS database provides more details than we have included, such as a breakdown of each payment received, when it was received, what the payment was for (e.g., “Food and drink” or “Education,” etc.), all the companies that provided items of value, and, in many cases, the specific drug or device involved. Our list includes only the company from which the provider received the most money in general payments—not all of the companies that reported payments to each provider. Many of the doctors received items of value from multiple different companies. The point of our list is to give you a sense of where most of that money came from.

In some cases, medical specialities have been abbreviated for space and for ease of reference by the layperson. As important as the differences are to practitioners, the point of including speciality here is so patients can identify their own doctors (especially in cases of similar names)—not to parse the differences between “Interventional Radiology” and “Diagnostic Radiology,” both of which are listed here simply as “Radiology,” and so on.  For a small number of practitioners, their speciality and/or hospital affiliation is not listed in the CMS database.

The “average” amount received in general payments is $1,717.12—but this may not be the best way to think about the data. The true average is the sum of all the general payments divided by the number of doctors on the list. But the data set in this case is heavily skewed. More than half the doctors received less than $200 total in general payments; only nine received more than $10,000 (not counting research or investments), which skews the average towards those high outliers.

The mode—the number that appears most often—is $23.50, which appears seven times. Because the data set is so large and diverse, this probably isn’t a very useful number either, but it does provide some insights. All seven providers who received that amount are in Superior. All seven received that amount from Lilly USA. All were in 2014 and all were for education. It’s probably a safe bet that Lilly (better known as Eli Lilly, the largest American manufacturer of psychiatric medications, although they produce a variety of other pharmaceuticals, too) sponsored a class or provided some educational materials to Wisconsin doctors in 2014.

The median—meaning the number smack dab in the middle of the data set—is $107.12. While math nerds could have a rousing debate about it, in my opinion, the median is the best way to think about the central tendency, or “typical” general payment to local providers.

It bears repeating that this list does not suggest that any provider on it has a conflict of interest. The CMS database was created so that you can talk to your doctor about their financial interactions with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as to show the scope and nature of the industries’ financial involvement in the practice of medicine. If you can’t trust your doctor with this conversation, can you trust them with your healthcare?

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Abrahams, Lisa    Cardiovascular    Essentia (WI)
$134.70    Amgen Inc.
Research: $11,675.00     Glaxosmithkline LLC    
Adams, Jeffery    Emergency     Essentia    
$44.30     Dentsply IH Inc.                
Aebly, Brian    St. Luke’s    
$30.49     Philips Electronics North America Corp    
Ahmed, Mudassar    Cardiovascular   Essentia

$28,192.89   Edwards Lifesciences Corporation    
Research: $66,812.19  Boston Scientific Corporation
Aipoalani, Derrick   Endocrinology    St. Luke’s    

$168.48    AbbVie, Inc.                
Alaani, Ziad    Neurology    Essentia    
$119.12    Allergan Inc.                
Alami, Othmane    Psychiatry    Essentia    
$40.01     Sanofi-Aventis  U.S. LLC        
Amadio, Seth     Dentist    Lake Superior Dental    

$588.06    A-dec, Inc.            
Anderson, Emily    Family Medicine    Essentia (WI)    

$23.54     Glaxosmithkline LLC
Anderson, Gregg       Emergency    Essentia    
$56.86     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        
Anderson, Ross    Dentist     Lake Superior Dental  

$610.09     A-dec, Inc.                 
Anderson, Susan    Family Medicine    Essentia    
$12.50     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation        
Apostolou, George   Internal Medicine   St. Luke’s    

$40.43     Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.        
Artang, Ramin    Cardiovascular     Essentia

$25,128.08     Pfizer Inc.     
Research: $1,100    Haemonetics Corp.        
Arvold, David    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$11.00     Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        
Arvold, Lisa    Emergency     Essentia
$15.22     Pfizer Inc.                 
Arzouman, David   Thoracic Surgery   Essentia
$356.54     Edwards Lifesciences Corporation        
Ash, Susan    Dermatology    Essentia (WI)    

$0.04     Merz North America, Inc.            
Aturalita, Pravin    Dentist    Duluth Family Dental    

$422.82     Nobel Biocare USA            
Avello, Waldo    Gastroenterology    St. Luke’s    

$205.59       Ironwood Pharmauticals Inc.        
Babst, Charles    Dentist    Arrowhead Orthodontics     

$40.75     Dentsply IH Inc.                
Bachelder, Vance    Pulmonary     St. Luke’s    

$50.06     Respiratory Technologies, Inc.    
Bachuwar, Alok    Cardiovascular     Essentia    

$3,409.80    Edwards Lifesciences Corporation    

Research: $3,415.00 Medtronic Vascular, Inc.    
Baker, Julia    Hematology    St. Luke’s    

$6,367.48    CSL Behring    
Research: $2,474.49 Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp    
Bakken, S Johan    Infectious Disease    St. Luke’s    

$248.45     Gilead Sciences Inc.             
Bakken, C  Johan  Gastroenterology  Essentia (WI)

$801.74     Wilson Cook Medical Incorporated        
Balach, George    Dentist    Balach Dental Office    

$10.00     ASH Medical Gloves            
Baldes, David    Psychiatry     St. Luke’s    
$51.90     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    
Bambenek, Gregory  Psychiatry  Waterstone Clinic

$70.60     Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.        
Barrell, Maria    General    Family Medicine Clinic    

$163.94     Astellas Pharma US Inc.            
Bauer, Steven   Human Development Center
$79.08     Actavis Pharma Inc.            
Beauduy, Chena        Neurology    Essentia    

$1,701.96  Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.        
Beaver, Gary    Neurology    Essentia    

$187,950.55   Genzyme Corporation        
Bechthold, Kayla       Optometry    Relf Eye Assoc.    

$220.18     The Cameron-Ehlen Group, Inc.        
Bednarz-Volk, Agata   Gastroenterology   St. Luke’s

$15,043.15   Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc.        
Bellamy, Kathleen   Dentist   Chester Creek Dental    

$47.66     Dentsply IH Inc.            
Bellamy, William     Dentist    Chester Creek Dental    

$47.65     Dentsply IH Inc.                
Benson, Manferd      Radiology    Duluth Family Dental

$51.48     Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.        
Beresford, Zach      Pain Medicine    Essentia (WI)    

$29.87     Empi, Inc.                
Bergeron, Brian      Emergency    St. Luke’s    
$18.34     Covidien LP            
Bergeron, Sheri    Family Medicine    Essentia    
$14.04     Actavis Pharma Inc.            
Bernadino, Kirk    Gastroenterology    Essentia    
$65.25     Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Berry, Brian    Emergency Medicine
$2.56    Osseon, LLC                
Bertani, Jeffrey     Dentist    Miller Hill Dental    
$27.80     GC America Inc.                
Bettendorf, Matthew      Surgery    Essentia    
$129.44     W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.        

Billman, Daniel    Pediatric    Northland Neurology

$81.94   Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.        

Biwer, Matthew       Optometry    Vision Pro    

$64.26     Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.        

Bjerk, Sonja    Internal Medicine    Essentia    
$838.65     Boston Scientific Corporation        

Boddicker, Kimberly   Cardiovascular Essentia (WI)    

$96.93     Thoratec Corporation        
Bollins, John     Surgery    St. Luke’s    

$3,968.66      Intuitive Surgical, Inc.        
Bonin, Steven    Oncology    St. Luke’s    

$43.42     Incyte Corporation            
Bowman, Daniel    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$155.87     Mist Pharmaceuticals, LLC            

Boyce, Mark    Geriatrics    Essentia    
$40.61     Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC            

Boylan, Mary    Surgery         St. Luke’s    
$375.12     Edwards Lifesciences Corporation        

Boyle, Jennifer  Obstetrics/Gynocology  St. Luke’s

$76.24     Hologic, Inc.                
Brandt, Brianne    Obstetrics/Gynocology Essentia     

$96.53     AbbVie, Inc.                
Bray, Mary    Obstetrics/Gynocology    Essentia    
$21.37     EMD Serono, Inc.                
Broadway, Steven       Neurology    Essentia    
$202.34     Medicrea USA, Corp.            

Bronson, Michael          Pediatrics    Essentia    
$91.06     Allergan Inc.
Brunette, Georgia  Internal Medicine Essentia (WI)

$23.50   Lilly USA, LLC            
Buchholz, Heather     Dermatology    St. Luke’s    

$368.64     Lung Biotechnology Corp.        
Bunch, Christopher    Vascular    Essentia (WI)    
$33.69     Cook Incorporated                
Buresh, Jarrod    Surgery        St. Luke’s    

$1,079.86    Medtronic Vascular, Inc.
Callaway, Mark     Dentist      Callaway Dental, LLC
$149   A-Dec, Inc.        
Carlson, K Amanda  General   Family Medicine Clinic

$119.30     E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C.        
Carlson, J Amanda    Emergency    Essentia   

$14.92     Actavis Pharma Inc            
Carlson, Brett      Cardiovascular     Essentia    

$2,566.55    Edwards Lifesciences Corporation    
Carlson, Christopher Dentist   Carlson Orthodontics

$1,506.30   American Orthodontics Corporation     

Carlson, Luke    Dentist    Arrowhead Orthodontics

$38.00     3M Company                
Carter, David     Pathology     Essentia    
$66.26     Oxford Immunotec Inc.            

Chart, Kimberly       Dentist        
$69.57     Tulsa Dental Products LLC            

Chaudhary, Sanjay     Critical Care      Essentia    
$24.90     Mallinckrodt LLC                
Chiu, Andrew    Cardiovascular     Essentia    
$23.41     E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C.
Research: $78,250  Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Choquette, David    Otolaryngology    St. Luke’s

$248.08     Entellus Medical Inc.
Christian, Krisa    Internal Medicine    Essentia    
$49.64     Novo Nordisk Inc.
Coffin, Stacy    Anesthesiology    St. Luke’s    

$19.61     Edwards Lifesciences Corporation      

Conry, Kara    Dentist     Kara Conroy Dentistry    

$64.08     Philips Electronics North America Corp.
Courville, Xan    Orthopaedic Surgery  Essentia    

$310.07     Tornier Inc.                
Crisostomo, Edgardo   Northland Neurology

$58,737.17     Genzyme Corporation        
Cudnowski, Debra    General    UMD Health Services

$15.15     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation        

Cummins, Justin      Orthopaedic Surgery    Essentia

$2,397.60      DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.        

Dagostino, Mark        Cardiology     St. Luke’s     

$12.51     Medtronic Vascular, Inc.            

Davis, Brad     Pathology     Essentia (WI)    
$162.83     Beckman Coulter, Inc.             

Davis, J        Orthopaedic Surgery     Essentia (WI)

$600.49     DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.            

Davis, Jefferson    Orthopaedic Surgery    Essentia    

$265.39     Stryker Corporation             

Deegan, James      Podiatrist    Essentia    
$42.59     TEI Biosciences Inc            

Deibele, Albert    Cardiovascular     Essentia (WI)    

$218.57     Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical    
Research: $26,793.00   Boston Scientific Corporation    
Delp, Christopher     Emergency   St. Luke’s

$2,408.44     Innovative Trauma Care, Inc.    
Demaioribus, Christopher     Surgery     Essentia    
$882.51     W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Research: $220,807.50  W. L. Gore & Assoc., Inc.

Derauf, Bruce     Radiology        Essentia (WI)

$1,758.42    Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.    

Devathi, Sreedhar   Nephrology    Essentia (WI)    
$172.43     Amgen Inc.                
Donley, Robert     Neurology         Essentia    
$75.08     Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc.         

Dryke, Kathrynne    Dentist   Duluth Family Dental

$1,440.03   Henry Shein Inc            
Edgerton, Bradley   Orthopaedic Essentia (WI)    
$349.57     DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.            

Eginton, Mark      Surgery          St. Luke’s    

$1,849.43    Endologix Inc.                
Elliott, Thomas          Oncology      Essentia    
$340.00     Pfizer Inc.                
Elmer, Wayne    Pulmonary      St. Luke’s    
$274.95     Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical    
Elmquist, Eric   Dentist     Community Health Center
$99.18    Tulsa Dental Products, LLC
Emme, Matthew       Urology    St. Luke’s      
$71.37   Ethicon US, LLC                
Engelsgjerd, Jeffrey      Urology    Essentia    
$13.43     NeoTract Inc.                
Erickson, Amber      Neurology    Essentia    
$45.55     Genzyme Corporation            

Erickson, Douglas  Dentist  Implant & Reconstructive

$520.53     Dentsply IH Inc            
Espe, Marty    Dentist   Arrowhead Orthodontics (WI)

$640.57     Nobel Biocare USA            
Evanson, Jeffrey      Dermatology      St. Luke’s    
$275.09     Jazz Pharmaceuticals            

Farache, Mostafa    Neurology      Essentia    
$79.00     Allergan Inc.                
Fernandez-Pokorny, Ana    Rheumatology   Essentia

$12.95     Pfizer Inc.                
Finch, Clyde    Dentist        Piedmont Dental    
$452.58     Ivoclar Vivident Inc.
Finch, Sandra    Dentist        Piedmont Dental    
$33.94     Tulsa Dental Products LLC            

Finkem, Joleen    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$42.97     Astellas Pharma US Inc.
Fisher Beth    Optometrist    Vision Pro    

$277.46     Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.        

Fogarty, David    Orthopaedic Surgery   St. Luke’s

$2,652.83     Zimmer Holding Inc            

Forsman, Carolyn           Pediatrics     Essentia    
$233.55     Medtronic USA Inc            
Freeman, Todd    Otolaryngology    St. Luke’s    
$115.00     Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.        

Friday, Bret    Hematology        Essentia    
$207.46     Novocure Inc.    
Research: $429,491.17   Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Giannakidis, Dimitrios     Neurology    Essentia    
$185.23     Medtronic Vascular, Inc.    
Research: $11,429.55   Boehringer Ingelheim         
Gibbons, Michael    Orthopaedic Surgery   Essentia

$318.02     DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.            

Ginete, Wilson    Cardiovascular     Essentia    

$2,736.36     Boston Scientific Corporation    
Research: $99,779.38    Gilead Sciences Inc.         
Giorgi, Lee    Cardiovascular     St. Luke’s    

$80.77     The Medicines Company    
Research: $875.00     Lilly USA Inc        
Goel, Naman    Pain Medicine    Essentia    
$986.22     Medtronic USA Inc.            
Goellner, Mark    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    
$109.26     Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical

Goldschmidt, Peter      Specialist    St. Luke’s    

$358.74     Stryker Corporation             

Goldschmidt, Anne      Radiology    St. Luke’s    

$12.76     Osteomed LLC                
Goltz, Susan  Obstetrics & Gynocology   St. Luke’s

$7,810.67    Intuitive Surgical, Inc.            
Gordon, David    Orthopaedic Surgery     Essentia    

$73.62  Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc.         

Goueli, Basem    Hematology    St. Luke’s    

$1,518.44    Excelixis Inc    
Research: $82,938.76   Millenium Pharmaceuticals    

Graber, Steven    Dentist    Brent Haworth DDS    

$32.04     Tulsa Dental Products LLC            

Graham, Lisa   Opthalmology   Relf Eye Assoc.

$826.15     The Cameron-Ehlen Group, Inc.        

Gregg, Paul    Anesthesiology    St. Luke’s    

$78,258.02    CSL Behring            

Grimsby, Erin    Physical Medicine   Essentia    
$38.74     Medtronic USA Inc.            
Grune, Martin    Urology          Essentia    
$7.83     Cogentix Medical Inc.            

Gunnarson, Theresa Marie   Emergency     Essentia

$496.17     Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP  

Hadley, Stephen    Rheumatology    St. Luke’s    
$50.01     Questcor Pharmaceuticals            

Hagino, Ryan    Surgery    Essentia    
$1,045.00   W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Research: $517.00     Penumbra Inc        
Hall, Patrick      Specialist        St. Luke’s    

$5,018.27    Zimmer Holding Inc.            

Halstead, Nathan       Orthodontics    St. Luke’s    
$12.00     3M Company                
Hankey, Brandon         Emergency     St. Luke’s    
$112.00     E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C.            

Hansen, Todd    Dentist   Lakeside Dental Associates

$530.45     Straumann USA LLC    
Hanson, David    Anesthesiology    St. Luke’s    

$44.54     Mentor Worldwide LLC            

Harms, Samuel    Sports Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$3,135.71    Smith & Nephew Inc.            

Harris, Frederick       Neurology     Essentia    

$16,668.86     Globus Medical Inc.
Hasbargen, Tera    Emergency     Essentia    
$160.46     Pfizer Inc.        
Hatanpa, Deborah   General   Mariner Medical Clinic

$58.90    Purdue Pharma, LP    
Haugen, David    Dentist     Piedmont Dental    

$1,190.52     Benco Dental Supply            

Haworth, Brent    Dentist     Brent Haworth DDS    

$180.00     A-dec, Inc.                 
Heller, Rodney   Orthodontics   Lake Superior Dental

$12.50     3M Company                
Helterbrand, Christina   Internal Medicine  Essentia

$23.50   Lilly USA, LLC            
Hendricks, Robin      Specialist    St. Luke’s    
$905.27     Stryker Corporation             

Henson, Bruce      Endocrinology     Essentia    
$43.95     Lilly USA, LLC
Research: $186,461.71   Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals

Hieb, Michael    Family Medicine    Essentia    
$115.59     Boston Scientific Corporation        

Hill, Justin       Radiology      Essentia
$141.19   Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Hodapp, Paul     Dentist     St. Luke’s    
$56.40     Nobel Biocare USA            
Hoffmann, Nathan      Urology       Essentia    

$1,727.91   Medtronic USA Inc.
Holliday, George    Internal Medicine    Essentia (WI)
$23.50     Lilly USA, LLC
Holmes, Matthew  General   Family Medicine Clinic  

$12.61     Purdue Pharma LP                

Holst, John       Emergency     Essentia    
$1,880.00  Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics        

Holt, Wolcott    Neurology       Essentia    
$5.59     Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.        

Hood, Roderick      Essentia    
$14.73     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc        

Horsely, Gregory      Radiology    Essentia    

$6,230.81    Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.    

Horst, Brian      Cardiovascular      Essentia    

$2,339.33      Edwards Lifesciences Corporation      

Howard, Joseph    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$175.13     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        

Howard, Kenneth     Internal Medicine    Essentia    

$42.71     Novo Nordisk Inc.                
Howard, Lynn    Emergency       Essentia    
$22.75  EMD Serono, Inc.    
Hoyer, Jean       General        Essentia (WI)        

$23.50     Lilly USA, LLC    
Huddleston, Steven     Surgery      St. Luke’s    

$3,957.41     Edwards Lifesciences Corporation        

Hustad, Bruce       Dentist      Lake Superior Dental    

$71.53     Philips Electronics North America Corp.    

Hustad-Davidson, Whitney  Lake Superior Dental    

$70.62     Philips Electronics North America Corp.  

Hutchens, Howard      Urology    St. Luke’s    
$44.01     Coloplast Corp.                
Idziorek, Robert    Dentist  
$120.00     Dash Medical Gloves            

Igboko, Obioma       Pain Medicine    Essentia    
$181.85     Stryker Corporation             

Igwe, Ifeyinwa     Hospice      Essentia    
$15.89 Empi, Inc.                
Ipsen John     Family Medicine   St. Luke’s    
$22.49     Covidien Sales LLC
Jaberi, Joby     Dentist     St. Luke’s    
$793.91     Biohorizons Implant Systems    
Jindeel, Ayad      Internal Medicine       Essentia    
$95.35     BTG International    
Research: $85,901.14     Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals
Johns, Alan      Internal Medicine    Essentia    
$14.25     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation

Investments: $221.91   Access Closure Inc.
Johnson, Brent    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical
$11.05    Kerr Corporation
Johnson, Judith    St. Luke’s    
$97.96     Olympus America        
Johnson, Elizabeth     St. Luke’s    
$146.51     Regeneron Pharmaceuticals LLC        

Johnson, Jeray    Pulmonary    St. Luke’s    
$508.81     Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.        

Johnson, Melanie      Internal Medicine      Essentia    
$40.29     Lundbeck LLC                
Johnson, Nicholas        Urology      St. Luke’s    
$280.77     Allergan Inc.    
Johnson, Richard  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical
$27.30    Genzyme Corporation        
Jugovich, Matthew   Dentist     Pike Lake Dental     

$56.10     Tulsa Dental Products LLC            

Kaake, Gregory      Dentist         Miller Hill Dental    
$107.72     Dentsply IH Inc.                
Kaiser, Thomas    Orthopaedic Surgery    Essentia    

$93.18     Novo Nordisk Inc.                
Kalra, Anjali   Occupational Medicine   Essentia    

$24.14     UCB Inc.                
Kamper, Susan    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$11.80     Astellas Pharma US Inc.            

Kanoff, Richard        Neurology      Essentia    
$565.05     Cyberonics Inc.                
Karstens, Gretchen      Pediatrics    St. Luke’s    

$71.95     Medimmune Inc.                

Karwowski, Gene    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$135.27     Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical        

Khan, Waseem    Rheumatology     St. Luke’s    

$3,511.54   Genentech USA Inc.    
Research: $7,604.26   Eli Lilly & Company        
Kiblawi, Nahi    Essentia    
$67.57     Novo Nordisk Inc.    
Kirby, David     General     Mariner Medical Clinic    

$30    Sanofi-Aventis U.S., LLC
Klassen, Jeffrey  Orthopaedic Surgery   Essentia

$13,715.95   Depuy Orthopaedics            

Kleinschmidt, Timothy    Internal Medicine   St. Luke’s

$136.84     Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.    
Knope, Kristin    Critical Care       Essentia    
$36.58     Boston Scientific Corporation        
Knuths, Jay     Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$136.84     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        
Koch, Benjamin       Pathology      Essentia    
$942.34     Beckman Coulter, Inc.             

Kolquist, Kyle     Dentist     Kenwood Dental    

$1,140.82    American Orthodontics Corporation

Konowalchuk, Brian   Occupational    Essentia

$66.26   Oxford Immunotec Inc.            

Kosmatka, Paul    Orthopaedic Surgery     Essentia  

$578.12     Stryker Corporation             

Krog-Breeuwer, Jessica  Internal Medicine  St. Luke’s

$35.29   Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical        

Kubat, Wade    Plastic Surgery    St. Luke’s    

$3,417.43    LifeCell Corporation            

Kuntz, Melissa    Optometrist   Eyemart Express    

$60.14     Alcon Laboratories Inc.            

Kunze, Thomas    Emergency      St. Luke’s    
$18.34   Covidien LP                
Kuross, Steven    Hematology      Essentia    
$16.00   ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Research: $18,017.18   Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.
Kuzel, Bradley   Orthopaedic Surgery   Essentia

$1,172.73   DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.        

Labarre, Debrah         General      St. Luke’s    
$35.00     Covidien Sales LLC            

L’abbe Stephen    Dentist     Stephen L’abbe DDS    

$68.08     Philips Electronics North America Corp.

Landrigan, Brian    Arrowhead Orthodontics
$38.00     3M Company                
Lauer, Eric       Urology       Essentia    
$28.33     Medtronic USA Inc            
Leff, Robert    Rheumatology    Essentia    
$12.37     UCB Inc.                
Levine, Joseph    Hematology      Essentia    
$213.50     Sirtex Medical Inc.                
Licardi, Addie    General    Family Medicine Clinic    

$15.15     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation        

Lindquist, Kimberly   Endodontics    St. Luke’s    

$439.42     A-dec, Inc.                 
Lindsey, Cody      Psychiatry     St. Luke’s    
$309.35     Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.        

Long, Steven    General          St. Luke’s    
$35.00     Covidien Sales LLC            

Lucca, Michael      Cardiology    Essentia    

$2,799.84 Medtronic Vascular, Inc.
Research: $64,624.79    Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals

Luhman Cleet, Eva   Anesthesiology    Essentia    
Investments: $209,382    Preceptis Medical, Inc.
Lushine, Karen      Emergency       Essentia    
$13.20     ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        

Lutkevich, Connie       Surgery       St. Luke’s    
$12.09   KCI USA, Inc.                
Macnutt, James      Neurology      St. Luke’s    

$5,218.50    Globus Medical Inc.            

Madison, Gary    Dentist      St. Luke’s    
$226.47     Dental Health Products            

Mallof, Claire    Obstetrics/Gynocology  St. Luke’s

$192.01   Hologic, Inc.                
Malloy, Thomas    Gastroenterology    Essentia    
$117.69     Intuitive Surgical, Inc.            

Mart, Brian    Dentist    Piedmont Dental    
$611.55     Dentsply International            

Martinelli, Jennifer  General    Essentia    
$27.16     Respiratory Technologies, Inc.        

Martinelli, Joseph    Pulmonary     St. Luke’s    

$565.09     Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical    
Research: $54,269.85  Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals

Mast, David   Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$262.70    Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        

Mayer, Peter   Dentist   Arrowhead Orthodontics (WI)

$464.63     Nobel Biocare USA            
McKee, Daniel  Northland Gastroenterology    
$248.72     Covidien LP                
McKee, David    Neurology   St. Luke’s    
$192.11     Lundbeck LLC                
McLean, Joseph    General     Lester River Medical     

$22.74     Purdue Pharma LP                
Meier Buhr, Melanie   Dentist  Lake Superior Dental

$478.12   A-dec, Inc.                
Meints, Glenn  Foot Surgery  Conrad Meints & Assoc.

$14.44     Bioventus LLC                
Messa, Andrew   Northland Plastic Surgery    
$32.21     Allergan Inc.                
Messer, Michael       Psychiatry    Essentia    
$184.50     Allergan Inc.                
Metcalf, Dan    Colon & Rectal Surgery   Essentia    

$107.12     Convatec Inc                
Mikesell, Scott    Cardiovascular     St. Luke’s    

$3,698.98   Edwards Lifesciences Corporation    
Research: $85,773.23  Amgen Inc.        
Miller, Melissa    St. Luke’s    
$56.81     Shionogi Inc.                
Miller, Roger    Urology    St. Luke’s    
$172.82     Cook Incorporated                
Miranda, Max     Gastroenterology    St. Luke’s    

$228.50     Prometheus Laboratories            

Mohn, James       Cardiovascular     St. Luke’s    

$3,171.29   Edwards Lifesciences Corporation        

Mohs, Robert      Dentist     Gregorich Family Dental  

$20.00     Dash Medical Gloves            

Mollerus, Michael        Cardiac     Essentia    
Research: $31,337.18   Pfizer Inc.        
Momont, Michael           St. Luke’s    
$567.74     Stryker Corporation             

Monson, Kristi    Immunology     St. Luke’s    
$339.72     Lung & Biotechnology            

Monte, Mark    Surgery           St. Luke’s    

$5,063.60    Intuitive Surgical, Inc.            
Montgomery, Julia    Cardiovascular    Essentia

$3,143.10    Boston Scientific Corporation    
Research: $38,462.34  Boehringer Ingelheim         
Monzer, Khalid      Critical Care    Essentia    
$232.10   Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc.

Mookherjee, Disha   Cardiovascular     St. Luke’s    

$165.41     Edwards Lifesciences Corporation    
Research: $24,275.25   Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Moore, Charles      Rheumatology    St. Luke’s    

Research: $717.10     Pfizer Inc.        
Moore, Kristen     Podiatrist      Essentia    

$5,202.46    Arthrex, Inc.            
Morgan, Kevin    Pediatrics      St. Luke’s    
$95.78     Sanofi Pasteur Inc.                
Morrison, John    Anesthesiology    St. Luke’s    
Investments: $89,983.12 Preceptis Medical Inc.
Morse, Peder       Dentist      St. Luke’s    
$124.65     Nobel Biocare USA            
Mueller, Joseph    Optometrist      St. Luke’s    
$111.20     Alcon Laboratories Inc.            

Mullins Daniel    Radiology       Essentia    
$42.12   Ethicon US, LLC            
Munns, Frank   Optometrist  Troy M Powers & Assoc.

$220.16     Alcon Laboratories Inc.        
Muster, Heather       Nephrology    Essentia    
Research: $6,429.00  Otsuka America Pharmaceutical  
Najarian, Melissa      Surgery    Essentia    

$6,259.49   Intuitive Surgical, Inc.            

Nash, Jonathan    Dentist    Piedmont Dental    
$121.02     Ivoclar Vivident Inc            

Naylor, Margaret       Radiology      Essentia    
$65.01     Intersect Ent Inc.    
Nelson, Jeffrey    Internal Medicine    Essentia    
$31.79     Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP 
Nelson, Jon    Dentist    East End Dental Arts
$251.68    Benco Dental Supply
Nelson, Thomas      Surgery          St. Luke’s    
$317.95     Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.            
Neustel, Mark      Cardiovascular       Essentia    
$34.55     Boston Scientific Corporation    
Research: $144,107.47  Eisai Inc.        
Nicholas, James    Anesthesiology    Essentia    
$17.83     Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Nikcevich, Daniel      Hematology    Essentia    
Research: $97,220.66 Sanofi US Service Inc.        
Nisbet, Andrew    Urology       St. Luke’s    
$41.23     Ethicon US, LLC            
Nordin, Susan    General    UMD Health Services

$20.27     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation

Olivas, Terry    Cardiothoracic    Essentia    

$5,792.23 Edwards Lifesciences Corporation
Olson, Kristopher       Anesthesiology    Essentia    
Investments: $71,349.00    Preceptis Medical Inc.
Olson, Neil     Dentist   Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical
$85.98    GC America, Inc.
Onken, Amy     Optometrist      Shopko Optical    
$18.00     3M Company                
Opheim, Daniel    Surgery    St. Luke’s    
$5,141.04   Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
O’Shaughnessy, Neal    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical

$475    A-Dec, Inc.        
Pappas, Michael    Orthopaedic Surgery   St. Luke’s

$2,788.34   Bioventus LLC                
Park Skinner, Audrey     Surgery     Essentia
$709.25     LifeCell Corporation            

Patterson, Eileen     Dentist    Patterson Family Dental

$10.74     GC America Inc.                
Pearce, Susanne    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s

$73.19   Lilly USA, LLC                
Perlov, Mikhail       Hematology     St. Luke’s    

$245.64     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    
Petersen, Erin   Optometrist   Troy M Powers & Assoc.

$108.18     Coopervision Inc.            
Peterson, Alan     Internal Medicine    Essentia    
$76.35     Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Peterson, Craig    Anesthesiology    Essentia    
$11.86     Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Investments: $71,349.00   Preceptis Medical Inc.
Plachta, Mark    Internal Medicine     St. Luke’s  

$38.37     Astellas Pharma US Inc.
Pierpoint, Robert      General    Essentia (WI)
$23.50    Lilly USA, LLC            
Polzin, Jeffrey    Dentist   Lake Superior Dental

$259.66     A-dec, Inc.

Polzin, Scott    Dentist   Lake Superior Dental

$496.65     A-dec, Inc.                 
Popham, Sandy    Specialist    Duluth Kidney Services

$80.27    Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Portilla, William    Otolaryngology    Essentia    
$10.04   Ethicon US, LLC            
Powell, Jake      Internal Medicine      St. Luke’s    
$207.90     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        

Powers, Troy    Optometrist    Dr. Powers & Assoc.

$513.06     Coopervision Inc.                
Prabhu, Rajesh    Infectious Disease      Essentia    
$189.95     Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc.            

Prasad, Swati     Internal Medicine    Essentia
$96.31     Regeneron Healthcare Solutions Inc.
Prusak, Lisa         General        Essentia    

$2,107.51   Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation

Puffer, Duncan   Dentist Arrowhead Orthodontics (WI)

$1,323.59   Dentsply IH Inc.                
Rage, Ayan      Internal Medicine    Essentia    
$375.31     Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.            

Ralston, Deborah    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s

$88.60     Covidien LP                

Regas, Pericles    Anesthesiology    Essentia    
$568.07     Edwards Lifesciences Corporation      

Reilly, Christopher    Radiology    St. Luke’s    

$60.02     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation        

Relf, Susan    Opthalmology    Relf Eye Associates

$967.55     The Cameron-Ehlen Group, Inc.        

Renier, Erin     Dentist      Lake Superior Dental

$163.60     Dentsply IH Inc.                
Repka, Tanya    Hematology      St. Luke’s    
Research: $1,500.00  Millenium Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Revoir, Elisabeth   Obstetrics/Gynocology   St. Luke’s

$17.89   Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.             

Rhodes, Mark    Otolaryngology    Essentia    
$504.90     Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.    
Rich, Michael    Cardiovascular     Essentia    
$91.05     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation        

Rich, Timothy      Pulmonary      Essentia    
$73.26     Boston Scientific Corporation    
Richards, Joseph     General     Essentia (WI)
$23.50    Lilly USA, LLC
Ridgeway, Adam  Great Lakes Children’s Dental

$18.00  3M Company                
Rishavy, Thomas    Northland Plastic Surgery    
$808.97     LifeCell Corporation            

Rogotzke, Anne    Obstetrics/Gynocology   Essentia

$12.50     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation

Rother, Joshua   Orthopaedic Associates  

$1,067.50   DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.            

Rova, Nancy     General    Betsy Schwartz, MD    

$12    Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC            
Rust, David      Orthopaedic Surgery    St. Luke’s

$6,413.27  Arthrex, Inc.            
Ryan, Robert     Dentist     Lake Superior Dental    
$55.62     Philips Electronics North America Corp.

Saldana, Edgar    Plastic Surgery    Essentia    
$296.54     Sientra Inc.    
Research: $500  Mentor Worldwide LLC        
Saleh, Nizar     Cardiovascular     Essentia

$2,041.15  Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Sanford, Paul   Internal Medicine   St. Luke’s

$140   Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Saracino, Margaret Human Development Center

$20.86     Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.    
Sather, Erik      General    Essentia    
$12.50     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation

Savage, Michael    Otolaryngology  Essentia (WI)

$48.21     Mylan Specialty L.P.            

Schaefer, Nichole    General    St. Luke’s
$12.21     Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc.

Schmelka, Kathleen     Emergency   St. Luke’s

$347.78     Benvenue Medical Inc.            

Schnell, William    Specialist   Orthopaedic Associates

$467.57     Stryker Corporation     
Research: $4,000    Exactech Inc.        
Schuldt, William    Periodontist   William Schuldt DDS

$74.07     Zimmer Holding Inc.        
Schultz, Jason    Cardiology      Essentia    

$7,958.40   Medtronic Vascular, Inc.
Research: $28,102   Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Schwartz, Betsy    General    Betsy Schwartz MD

$32.27     Novo Nordisk Inc.
Scott, Ronald       Dentist      Midwest Dental

$228.98    Ultradent Products, Inc.
Sebatian, James    St. Luke’s    
$42.79     Shionogi Inc.            
Seidelmann, Timothy  Pain Medicine      Essentia    
$212.92     Stryker Corporation
Sellers, Robert    General    Mariner Medical Clinic
$27.35    Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.
Semotuk, Michael      Radiology    St. Luke’s    

$44.89     Stryker Corporation
Sharma, Sarojini     Internal Medicine    Essentia (WI)
$23.50    Lilly USA, LLC
Shilman, Nicholas     Optometrist  Dr. Powers & Assoc.

$152.99     Alcon Laboratories Inc.            

Signorelli, Joseph        Orthopaedic Surgery   Essentia

$1,483.29   DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.

Silbernagel, Boni-Jo      Podiatrist    Essentia    
$739.33     KCI USA, Inc.                

Silva, Anne    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    
$124.96     Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Silvestrini, Thomas    Spinal Cord Injury    Essentia

$124.18     Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc.     
Sipola, Don      Optometrist        Eye Clinic East    
$64.00     The Walman Optical Company        

Sjoberg, Robert    Endocrinology    St. Luke’s    
$46.91  Lilly USA, LLC    
Research: $2,766.00   Sanofi US Service Inc.        
Slag, Michael     Endocrinology     Essentia    
$23.50  Lilly USA, LLC                
Smith, Theresa    Gastroenterology    Essentia    
$13.84     Actavis Pharma Inc.    
Research: $300   E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C.        
Smith, Timothy    Dentist     Kenwood Dental    
$292.00     Sunstar Americas Inc.

Somasundarum, Porur    Cardiac     St. Luke’s

$3,902.26   Biosense Webster Inc.    
Research: $8,649.06   St Jude Medical Inc.

Stephenson, Jon   General     Mariner Medical Clinic

$230.05     Purdue Parma, LP    
Streitz, John      Cardiothoracic       Essentia    
$13.45  The Medicines Company            

Strom, Janelle    Optometrist    Shopko Optical

$284.33     Alcon Laboratories Inc.    
Swenson, Sonja    General    Mariner Medical Clinic
$25.89   Covidien Sales, LLC
Tekler, Laszlos    Cardiovascular     St. Luke’s    

$121.88     Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical

Terzic, Dino      Neurology        Essentia    

$3,653.71  Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc.    
Thackeray, Erin    Gastroenterology    Essentia    
$12.35     Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.            

Theobald, Martin  Theobald Family Eyecare    
$69.87     Alcon Laboratories Inc.            

Theobald, Teresa    Theobald Family Eyecare    
$167.41     Alcon Laboratories Inc.            

Thompson, Andrew  Internal Medicine  St. Luke’s

$30.49     Gilead Sciences Inc.             

Tonkin, Paul     Urology    Essentia    
$1,821.35    Intuitive Surgical, Inc.            

Treacy, Kevin    Opthalmology    St. Luke’s    

$79.44     Alcon Laboratories Inc.            

Tsufis, Marc    Radiology    Essentia    
$127.74     Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Turner, Lorraine   Amercian Indian Resources    
$20.43     Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Udejiofor, Nkiruka      General     Essentia    
$33.00     Amgen Inc.            
Ulland, Denver      General        St. Luke’s    
$35.00     Covidien Sales LLC
Vaghasi, Pramil    Internal Medicine    Essentia

$1,136.75   Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
VanDeleen, Nicholas   Emergency   St. Luke’s

$88.58     Covidien LP                

Vanetta, John    Internal Medicine    St. Luke’s    

$56.19     Ironwood Pharmauticals Inc.        

Vanetta, Linda    Infectious Disease    St. Luke’s

$124.23     Astellas Pharma US Inc.            

Vanloon, Derin     Optometrist   Blustin Optical Center

$150.46     Coopervision Inc.                

Vanstraaten, Aimee  Obstetrics/Gynocology St. Luke’s

$94.98     Shionogi Inc.               

Varland, Scott       Dentist     St. Luke’s    

$1,091.70   Biohorizons Implant Systems        

Waage, Roger   General    Family Medicine Clinic

$5,546.90     Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation

Wall, Jack    Northland OB-GYN Associates

$23,969.95  CSL Behring                

Wallerstein, Daniel   Physical Medicine   St. Luke’s

$269.52     Allergan Inc.                
Watkins, John    Orthopaedic    St. Luke’s
$2,854.63  Smith & Nephew Inc.
Watson, Kimberly   Optometrist  Blustin Optical

$11.15     Alcon Laboratories Inc.            

Watson, Marshall    Neurological    St. Luke’s    
$969.95     DePuy Synthes Sales Inc.    
Weaver, Cynthia    Rheumatology    St. Luke’s

$1,415.62   Genentech Inc.    
Research: $191,267.36  Genentech Inc.        
Webb Rubin, Amanda   Adolescents    St. Luke’s

$36.34     Sanofi Pasteur Inc.    
Weerts, Theresa     General      Essentia (WI)
$23.50    Lilly USA, LLC
Wegerson, Kristan   General   St. Luke’s    
$35.00  Covidien Sales LLC                
Weigel, Mitchell     Optometrist      Vision Pro    
$206.86     Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Weingarten, Charyl     Dentist  Lake Dental Group

$100.27     Biohorizons Implant Systems      

Wendland, Erik       Nephrology     Essentia    
$11.39     Fresenius USA Marketing Inc.        

Whitworth, Anne   General    St. Luke’s    
$101.81     Covidien Sales LLC            

Wilbur, Raymond    Dentist   Community Health

$10.86     Kerr Corporation            
Winesett, Heather      Pediatrics   St. Luke’s    
$10.32     Mylan Specialty L.P.            

Wolfe, Charles   Emergency    St. Luke’s    
$88.58     Covidien LP                
Wolfe, Scott      Emergency       St. Luke’s    
$18.35     Covidien LP                
Wright, Scott    Optometrist    Vision Pro    

$221.08     Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Yoon, John    Ophthalmology    Mariner Medical Clinic
$809.19   The Cameron-Ehlen Group, Inc.
Zak, Matthew   Human Development Center    
$117.40     Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Zamzow, Joel    St. Luke’s    
$220.43     Stryker Corporation             

Zbaracki, Mary    St. Luke’s    
$48.72     Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.        

Zbaracki, Thomas    Lake Superior Endodontics    
$44.30     Tulsa Dental Products LLC            

Zelen, Camille    Dentist    Gallery Dental

$2,147.15    A-dec, Inc.

Zimmerman, Eric        Radiology    Essentia

$15.31     E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C.           

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