April 25, 2018


No Voice Through A Void

She turned to me
Her eyes wide
As if she saw
A ghost
I turned away
Eyes wide
As if I saw
A human



Rose Read

The easy way to pick a rose
Is to have a good pair of scissors
And clip it fast where you want it.
Instead I found a rose.
I fought through bushes
Only to start at the bottom,
Slowly working my way up the stem,
Hands bleeding.
Day and night I bled to woo its scent
Only to find someone else had picked
That very flower.
True, it might bloom again,
As love should,
But my hands are bloody
And would only stain this flower
A deeper, more gruesome shade of red
So I’ll find another
With a few less thorns
And maybe next time bring
A sharper pair of scissors



First Aid

Never tell a woman
What a monster you really are
  L I E

One of four events will unfold.

You tell her
Then she consoles and confesses
What a monster she really is.
Two magnetic poles can’t attract.

You tell her
And like so many injured birds
She takes you in
To fix your wings.
You are no angel
You are a monster and nothing can fix you.

You tell her
And she dumps you
Like she should
Because she deserves better



  L I E

You hide and hold her close
Every night
Until her love runs dry
Or guilt gets the best of you


  L I E

When you’re
Bleeding to death
First aid is better
Than nothing at all.


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