Learn wisdom from your inner animal

April 19, 2016


It dawned on me one day that much of my struggles in life are a direct result of my acting in a way that is counter to my nature. For instance, when I tried to be what other people wanted me to be rather than being myself, I was unhappy and stressed.

On the other hand, when I did what I felt was natural for me, I was more joyful and free-spirited. Consequently, I have learned to pay close attention to my instinctual feelings to keep me on my true path.

Have you noticed how desensitized we have become to our own instincts? It’s as if our whole society has been lulled into a state of numbness. Our senses have been dulled by the comforts, luxuries, and conveniences of modern day life. What ever happened to stepping outside the comfort zone?

In order to truly benefit from the wisdom of nature, you need to engage with it, take an active role. Being engaged is not the same as being connected. You already are, and always will be, connected to nature because the human race is a part of it, not separate from it. That doesn’t mean that you cannot be unaware of your connection to nature. You may not recognize the connection that already exists.

You cannot learn the teachings of nature if you do not engage with it. To take a more active role, you can immerse yourself in the environment by taking a walk and experiencing the elements. Notice all the living things around you, from the beings that crawl on the ground to the beings that fly in the sky.

Animals, including humans, adapt to their ever-changing environments. The key to adaptation is to keep instincts sharp. So, how well do you adapt?

Can you rise above your problems like the eagle and see the big picture? Can you be humble enough to work in the shadows like the owl without demanding to be in the spotlight? Are you quick like the hummingbird who flies from blossom to blossom finding opportunities everywhere? Do you have the stamina of the bear who can endure the long, harsh winters? Are you as graceful as a cat that moves through the day so smoothly it resembles liquid motion? Are you keeping the animal in you alive? Unlike what you see in popular movies, you do not need to be the fierce lion that fights to be king of the jungle.


After all, a lion doesn’t need to rule the environment in order to thrive in it. I am not encouraging anyone to the alpha male by dominating others. Instead, I am gently proposing that you keep in touch with your animal instincts and listen to their wisdom for guidance.

Live simply. Animals know how to do this. They do not complicate their lives with unnecessary busyness and hoarding possessions We humans often do. Why? Do all these needless activities and possessions make our lives better or worse? Sure, it may feel good at first to buy that little something that catches our eye in a store and we convince ourselves that we just can’t live without it. But we soon discover that those shiny objects lose their appeal after a time, and then we are out shopping again for the next piece of glitter.

The less you have, the less you have to lose. You cannot strengthen your inner animal by accumulating possessions. In fact, being surrounded by needless objects actually weakens your ability to focus on your instincts because all that clutter distracts you.

Speaking of distraction, society seems to be obsessed with staying eternally young. Instead of cooperating with the natural order of things, advertisers act as if you can live forever if you just use the right anti-wrinkle cream, drink high-priced spring water in fancy designer bottles, and get a good facelift.

Do you really think nature meant for you to stay young forever? Physical immortality is a separation from the natural world. And, since you cannot truly separate yourself from nature, you might as well just accept the fact that you will eventually die. True, all animals have an instinct to survive. So live your life as healthfully as you can and don’t worry about it.


Today’s Loving Suggestion: Engage with nature. Be mindful of your instincts and follow the wisdom of your inner animal. This will give you a deeper sense of peacefulness. Please don’t misunderstand—peacefulness is not passivity. When you experience this new type of inner peace, your spirit will soar higher than before and you will accomplish more than you thought possible. Just don’t expect applause. As the old saying goes, the higher you soar, the smaller you appear to those who are still on the ground.

If you have followed any of the suggestions in the Sir Rennity feature, I would love to hear your stories. Please email me at zenithcityweekly@yahoo.com. I will keep your letters private unless you request that they be published.

The Sir Rennity feature is intended to provide gentle guidance for your life. These articles hold no intrinsic meaning. You give meaning to them based on the value you place on them, so the words here are meaningless unless you put them into practice.

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