Police are profiling and abusing, not protecting and serving

March 17, 2015

Dear Zenith News:

Thank you for your feature story on February 3, 2015. I read the title, “Under Color of Authority,” as, “Always Question Authority.” The public servant and peace officer’s role to protect and serve is long gone in this society. Our culture denies the existence of truth and the rule of law.

I see malice—a violation of professional standards that is infuriating. Negligence or improper conduct by police of all forms is inequality. Profiling is the most inhumane. However, profiling is not against the law. Every day in the news people are shot, killed, and maimed by police in this country. Always call 911 for everything—why? 911 is for emergencies. Do not call 911. It may make a minor, benign situation worse if you involve the police. A Duluth policewoman stated to me, “Call 911.” Call 911, call 911, job security, job security—WTH?

Yes, now police have to be social workers, but is there social justice? Social workers with tazers and loaded guns? A police officer is a government official and has immunity. If there is abuse of power and a crime has been committed, they need to be charged and held accountable and go to jail, not acquitted.
Ten percent of life is what happens; 90 percent is how you react to it.

Kathy Sahlberg


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