Superior’s mayor has a constitutional right to be wrong

February 16, 2016

Dear Zenith News:

Thank you for your investigative reporting, as well as other important issues major media are not doing. I want to comment on the discussion about Mayor Bruce Hagen of Superior [Love Letters and Hate Mail, January 6, 2016].


I do not know Hagen, but remember that he defeated Charles Denowith, a long time Democrat, many years ago. Herb Bergson, a Superior cop, defeated Hagen after at least two terms in office. Hagen left Superior for a job with the Republican administration in Madison and, when he came back, he ran again because his predecessor went to Madison to serve in the current governor’s administration.

Mayor Hagen is in his second term now and it seems like he has done a pretty good job. I was very surprised and disappointed to read what he said about Michelle and Barry Obama. The mayor’s response was that he has the constitutional right to express himself. I agree, and do not think he should resign nor be recalled.

Our constitution is misunderstood by many. The constitution protects the individual’s rights and laws protect the majority. Thus, even if everyone disagrees with me or you, we have a right to be wrong. I remember the 1978 Nazi March against Jews in Skokie, Illinois. A Jewish Civil Liberties lawyer defended the Nazis saying: “I hate what they did, but I will defend their right to express themselves.”

Thank you for your attention and best wishes for the New Year!

Mike Jaros

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