Climate change beliefs require fiddling with the facts

February 10, 2019

 Dear Zenith News:


A January 25, 2019, report credited to was headlined “Coldest Blast in Years Headed for Midwest, Great Lakes.” Several maps and perhaps 1,000 words supported it. This seems to be evidence we should fear a new Ice Age. Oh, sure, of course, I know this is only anecdotal evidence and utterly useless for long-term forecasts. But it is precisely the same kind of evidence Starhawk used in her January 15, 2019, article in the Zenith, “The new story we need to tell,” to support her call for a fundamental restructuring of the world.


She says “We need to stop burning stuff for energy and instead use the flow of sunlight and wind and water.” She supposedly has some Native American heritage (so do I), and seems not to realize that her ancestors could not have survived without “burning stuff.” Wind provides zero power when it does not blow, as is the case with solar power when sunlight does not reach the Earth’s surface. Every watt of installed wind or solar power must be backed up with a watt of installed and ready fossil or nuclear power.


Much fear of global warming was fueled by the infamous “hockey stick.” It was a graph of average temperatures over a couple hundred years, which looked like a hockey stick laid on edge. The graph for years before about the 1950s was flat, like the handle of the stick, but the end rose steeply, like the business end of the stick. The problem was the designer of the graph fiddled with the data. He left out a significant warm period that should have appeared well back on the handle of the stick. And of course he had no data for periods before temperature records were kept, such as 1,000 years ago, when Greenland was colonized and farmed.


Anytime “scientists” fiddle with the data, one can be sure they are up to no good. There have been several instances of this in the climate change story. Lies are never needed to support factual data. Lies should never be used to support public policy. It is useful to consider the dates on The Weather Channel of all-time record low temperatures at a few places. The record low of -55 at International Falls was set in 1909, well back on the handle of the “hockey stick.” Same with the Sioux Falls’ record of -42 in 1899, Twin Cities -41 in 1888, Fargo -48 in 1887, Des Moines -30 in 1884, and St. Louis -22 in 1884. But there were also all-time record lows set on the rising end of the “hockey stick”—Madison -37 in 1951, Buffalo -20 in 1961 (also in 1934), Cincinnati -25 in 1977, Marquette -34 in 1979, Detroit -21 in 1984, Chicago -27 in 1985, and Pittsburgh -22 in 1994.


There is only one weather forecast that will certainly be accurate: The weather will change.




William Rees



Editor’s note: Starhawk has never claimed Native American ancestry. She is ethnically Jewish and identifies as white.

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