February 1, 2018

You Drunk

You step light
Yet you’re
Clumsy falling
Here and there
I hope you find your
Or repair



It’s Only a Matter of Time

I want to rest my eyes
Upon all the coasts
Of all the oceans and seas
In all their fabled glory
The Red Dead Java and Caspian
The Bearing Baltic Black and Mediterranean
The Arabian Indian Pacific and Caribbean
                                           To gaze upon the lines
                                                                      Where water caresses the sky
                                                                                                          To throw my wish  in
Then retire
                          Beside the ocean




I can’t wait to drift off
Get lost within a dream
Where all my concerns of the day
Are carefully measured
And then thrown away




If tomorrow could no longer
Fall from my mouth,
Then I will bid you adieu
Off in search of what seems to be a secret.
Should I fail in my mission
Then it was nice knowing you.



For the Autumn in Your Eyes

There is a picture that exists
Within your eyes of an antique painting
Of a Victorian chair
In which you wish to sit
Yet you fell through a nadir
Lost forever in a field of black lavender.
Although I wish to join you there
My words won’t fit through
Your kaleidoscope.
You lay there frozen
In the vast scent of time
So I’ll show myself to that
Very chair
At least
A part of your fading stare.



Lovely, aren’t you?

I have always done my best
To provide for you,
For what you need.
But if you wish for me
To drop to my knees
And beg
Then you are
The direct definition
Of a bitch.


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