The Man in the Cashmere Casket

January 17, 2017



Part 1 Death

One hallow fall day before winter had set
Nestled deep in the golden red valley below
Lay a small cottage within a lady fret
“Where has my husband gone? He left but a day ago.”
Little did she know death had taken its toll
Although another day had come to slowly pass
Still not a sign so she began to search
Through every farm, field, and forest she trespassed
Suddenly came a trill, a blue bird upon a perch
Below sit her husband his back about a birch
To him she ran upon her knees she collapsed
As tears filled her eye she gently raised his head
The dawn of such surreal reality she could not grasp
How the man she love lay lifeless...dead
She screamed ’til her voice was but a frail rasp
Nothing would bring him back

Part 2 The Wake

Word would travel of his untimely death
The paper would ask how it came to be
Her reply, “He simply ran out of breath.”
There he sits lifeless beneath a birch tree
Covered under two days’ of fresh fallen leaves
Sadness soon fill the air
As people would come to hear
Drowning their hearts with great despair
A whole nation began to shed tears
With thoughts and prayers so sincere
Soon the town square would fill
Causing a great racket
People hanging to see out their window sill
The man in the cashmere casket
Led by horses breaking just over the hill

Part 3 The Funeral:

Forty-seven times the church bells ring
Once for each year of his age
Of his ballads the choir did sing
High atop the grand steeple stage
His spirit they hoped to wage
Everyone the widow consoled
Each spake of what tragedy
To have lost such a soul
Alone beneath an empty fall tree
A man through his verse many have come to know
Along a stone path through the cemetery
A little girl walked in hand her wicker basket
Filled with rose red flowers she meant to carry
Each one for the man in the cashmere casket
Sadness upon her face
For now she knew life was temporary

Part 4 The Elegy

“There is so much to say for I bury the man I love today.
He was a man of poetry and passion, a man of fashion.
As it were a man of great honor and valor
A man known throughout, far and wide,
for having possessed great integrity
So dedicated to impartial peace
we hoped his heart would never cease
A man no matter time nor place
always bore a smile on his face
He showed compassion for every living creature,
for this, he was a great teacher
A man of valence, a man of incredible patience
No matter how uncouth, he always spoke the truth
A man one could believe,
a man who would not want us to grieve
To his family he gave the utmost devotion,
 to his country he leaves great inspiration
A man of great sense, a man of courage and confidence
He filled us with hopes and dreams,
not just our kings and queens ,
but to people of all manner an means
A man who cared for the withering weak,
a man of wealth, yet treasure he did not seek
Love was all he sought
for love is the purest matter of which we are wrought
A man we have all come to love
but now is with God above.”

Part 5 Forever After

After the funeral procession
In the solace of her lonely home
She thought of the town’s sullen expression
All of them led with tears, visibly shaken
chilled beyond their very bone
as if he was one of their own
A sort of warmth came with their cries
Had her husband’s work meant that much?
She knew well his words yet still a surprise
How all their hearts he could reach out and touch
With such delicate eloquence, true and wise
The widow lay in her empty bed
Weary of the night drawing near for it had been awhile
Thinking of the kind words the town had said
When suddenly appeared
a bird of blue in a most notable style
As if spirit-led, the bird wore a smile.

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