I wish the blacks would stop calling everyone racist

January 17, 2017


Dear Zenith News:

I’ve read over so many times Kym Young’s article of December 6 in the Zenith [“White women’s Election Day clap back”]. I don’t understand a lot of what you wrote. I would like some clarification. First of all, what does the title mean? Is that some teen or black slang? Then, what do you mean when you state that “White America voted for White Amerikka”?

I have some conclusions of my own. Maybe white women voted for Donald Trump because of his promise for a greater America—I think everyone was taken in by that one. You know, if he is a racist—and we really don't know that yet, but if it looks bad in the coming four years—we have to not vote him in again. A lot of us were hesitant about Barack Obama, too, but we gave him the benefit of the doubt and I’ve grown to respect him and his family a lot, and would probably vote for him again if it were possible.

So, we voted for a misogynistic, p••••-grabbing, corporate hustler. Tell me, what male isn’t? I know a lot of women didn’t like Hillary Clinton and, personally, I felt if she got in, of course she'd bring Bill, and remember what a womanizer he was? He even got a blowjob in the White House, America’s home!  


As far as voting goes, there were other people on the ballot to vote for, or you could’ve done a write-in—that’s what I did. Gee, it’s too bad you feel bad for yourself about your vote, and I don’t think you should refer to a lot of things as racist. I’m tired of that word and wish the blacks would stop calling everyone racist.  

Could it be, Ms. Young, that you are racist towards white women? I’m also tired of hearing about white privilege. That’s almost antiquated by now. I know a lot of black people that are more privileged than I—way more!

Also, what does “black man’s kryptonite” mean? I hope you will clear up some of these questions for me and maybe ask around now and try to find out why women voted for Trump—I’d even like to know why.

Thank you,
Jacky Block

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