January 17, 2019

No Voice Through a Void

She turned to me

Her eyes wide


As if she saw a ghost

I turned away


Eyes wide

As if I saw





To a Great Philosopher

I would like to say to people

Take a good hard long look

At yourself

But they would probably vomit I would

I guess TV

Is good for something

To hide the mind

I bet before television

Replaced the mirror

More people looked into

Its vastness and upon


Saw themselves

Still within the stars

Found a quiet mind

And were warm

Kind and inviting

They knew if when

They gazed into the expanse

And saw a truth within themselves

That anyone who stared upon

This immensity would see

The same and a bond

Would be formed


We know there are

Many curtains to hide behind

Too much evil

Spreading lies

And too much garbage

To keep us occupied

If all the Earth

Were windows and mirrors

We would naturally be

Better people.



A Kink in the Chain

I applaud your individuality

And respect your decision

So please respect mine

That being said I am really tired

Of all the smug


Tight pants-wearing

Hipster vegans


On placing yourselves

At the bottom

Of the food chain

I would be along shortly to eat you

But you’re at the place

In the chain with plankton

I don’t eat plankton

For I am a man

I alone have earned my place

Upon this throne

You along with

The rest of the beasts

Are simply sheep

Meant to be ruled.

For it takes brains

And muscle to forge steel

That is why I eat protein


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