A vegetarian diet is key to personal health and population control

January 13, 2015

Dear Zenith News:

In regards to Tom Roark’s December 23 story, “Garret Hardin’s population dilemma” [Faces of Wisdom], please consider: As long as we have an animal-based diet we have twin population explosions. It seems it would be the first duty of a person who talks population control to eat a vegetarian diet as well as encourage others. Not a bad idea for proponents of families either since a whole foods vegetarian diet is considered to be like health insurance.  

Thank you, Mr. Roark, for your thoughtful stories and drawings.
Karen Moore

Tom Roark replies: I’ve heard or read that switching to a vegetarian diet is more helpful than driving a Prius. There are people who claim, on the other hand, that ecologically raised meat is less costly and results in fewer animal deaths than a vegetarian diet that’s based on commodity crops.

I don’t know. I’m inclined towards the latter view, but I don’t eat meat because I don’t have the ecological option. What I really, really believe is that one’s ecological footprint is proportional to their wealth—period.

But you still get into the dilemma Hardin raises. Wes Jackson put the dilemma differently: If you conserve, you make the bidding easier for those who don’t conserve. I’m with Hardin. Society needs to examine this stuff thoroughly and honestly, then enforce the conclusions.

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