January 6, 2016

My Rival the Ocean

I was sitting by the sea,
Wondering how lonely
A drop of water must be
Alone in the ocean,
When the waves spake unto me:
“As water we are one,
Giving life in the rivers run,
Evaporating under the sun,
Until it decides my life is done.”
I swallowed my sorrows
And left for the land.



Take it Back

What I’d like to see
Is cities covered in green
Grass conquering concrete
That at least to me
Is the epitome
Of beauty




I am after the effect,
A rush like Russian roulette,
Pull the trigger; I could be dead tomorrow,
Devour our dreams before death devours us.
What if we had no home,
Just restless wanderings
Through stark naked shaven scenes?
Let us be the wolf with our bellies full
By a harvest moonlit river.
There is no medicine for our primordial nature,
Only a course to be run,
So put one in the chamber
And do what needs to be done.



Hey you

I’d rather be capricious,
Constantly questioning
My place in this world,
Than be comfortably complacent
In a life of incognizant banality.



Mama Earth?

There is no better feeling
Than being freshly showered
And clean,
To take the day’s dirt,
Wash with warm water,
Giving it back to the earth.
Do you suppose, for what it’s worth,
That when our bodies let go
And our eyes finally close,
Our planet feels
That very same feeling of being clean?



Thought (A Mantra)

When I awoke
No work in the rain
I thought
I could clean
Or No
I thought
I could crawl back into bed
Sleep, Dream 1,000 Dreams
I thought
I put on my work boots


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